About me: Uncovering Experiences, one Design at a Time

Hello there, curious minds and fellow enthusiasts of the art of user experience! I'm Hooria, and if you're wondering how a Computer Scientist found their way into the captivating world of UX Design, well, let's just say my journey has been nothing short of an exciting evolution.

Picture this: a mind that was once engrossed in lines of code, now seeks to understand how people interact with things. That's me – a Computer Scientist who's become a UX Designer. My journey is about changing from focusing on code to understanding how people use technology. It's like the rules I learned for coding are now blending seamlessly with understanding how users behave.

The Curious Crusader

My curiosity pushes me to dig deeper into problems and uncover innovative solutions. I thrive on challenges that push me beyond my comfort zone, leading to creations that blend aesthetics with functionality. Each project becomes a thrilling adventure, where I embark on a journey to not just understand the user's needs, but to empathize with them.

Beyond the Screen

When I'm not crafting seamless user journeys, you might find me on a badminton court, which feels exciting just like solving design problems.. Or I'll be nose-deep in a book, exploring new worlds and perspectives that ultimately find their way into my design philosophy. And let's not forget my love for exploring the hidden gems of Lake Ontario parks – a reminder that beauty can be found when you step beyond the expected.

Let's Connect

Reach me at hooriashams@gmail.com Whether you're here to explore my portfolio or to discuss the latest UX trends, I'm always eager to connect with fellow design enthusiasts.